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SQT Biomicroneedling large starter set

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Everyone knows microneedling and chemical peels. But do you already know organic microneedling?

The unique combination of both treatment methods, which does not require any acids or devices? Even though our small natural needles do prick, they do not cause bleeding or surface denaturation.

With bio-microneedling, both are initiated through a micro-injury in one step: the skin renewal cycle (is broken down from 28 days to 7 days) and collagen regeneration and formation are set in motion.

Brilliant side effect: in just 5 minutes we create approx. 3,000,000 microchannels, which make the skin incredibly receptive to valuable active ingredient care and mesococktails.

A queen among treatments!

Of course, you can buy the sets individually later.

If you are the type of person who prefers to have a personal conversation, I am happy to be there for you. I won't leave you alone with the online training either. We would be happy to clarify any further questions (based on the training) in a telephone call. Of course this is included in the price.

If we cannot recognize that you have a cosmetic studio, please send us a business license by email!

Scope of delivery - this set is the cheapest and most comprehensive set in comparison. We recommend it for starters!

1 resurfacing set

1 revitalizing set

1 anti-aging set

4 recovery sets

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Norway - Greece - Malta - Slovenia - Luxembourg - Latvia - Lithuania - Croatia and Turkey

SQT Biomicroneedling large starter set
SQT Biomicroneedling large starter set
SQT Biomicroneedling large starter set
SQT Biomicroneedling large starter set
SQT Biomicroneedling large starter set
SQT Biomicroneedling large starter set
SQT Biomicroneedling large starter set
SQT Biomicroneedling large starter set
SQT Biomicroneedling large starter set
SQT Biomicroneedling large starter set

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When will my order be shipped?

We will ship immediately after payment has been received by 2 p.m.

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There are several options here - you can either conveniently use our chat option in our online shop. We see this very quickly and usually respond within an hour. Even if we are not online right now. Of course, you can also arrange a telephone appointment with Birgit after making an appointment in advance. We are happy to be there for you.

Do we offer returns?

As a trader, there is no right of return; this is regulated by law.

Is it possible to test the products on site?

We would like to invite you to Stendal to get an idea of ​​our range. Simply arrange an appointment with us.

How do I find out about new products in the shop?

It's best to sign up for our newsletter - here we'll tell you about our news and offers

In what form is training possible, only online or also on site?

Selected training courses are only available online. Some are combined both online and virtually. However, it is always possible to visit a trainer on site or, by arrangement, to be trained in your own studio.

Is BMcolours also represented at trade fairs?

Yes, we can usually be found at the beauty trade fairs in Düsseldorf and Munich.

About Us

It all started when I invited Branko Babic to Germany for his first microblading seminar in Berlin. It literally went BÄM. Microblading conquered Germany. For us it was the start into the world of colors. However, that should only be the beginning.

I (Birgit) am known for my entrepreneurial courage - which brings with it new innovations. At that time the plasma pen, which I made known in Germany. Today biomicroneedling is conquering the world. Highly effective devices and products – that’s what we stand for, that’s what I stand for.

We now produce some devices and products ourselves in Germany. We sell others as Germany distributors. The most important thing to us is always achieving results for our customers.