Sustainability campaign

Together for our forests

We plant _ Trees in German state forests  and you can become a part of it!

Climate change is constantly progressing and drought, storms and the bark beetle are just a few of the factors that are causing severe problems for our forests . 

In order to strengthen the local forest, we are now an official partner of Planet Tree. 

Together with Planet Tree, we plant trees in German state forests because through CO2 compensation, every tree makes a valuable contribution to climate protection.  

And you too can become a part of it, because we will plant a tree for you for orders over €80. 

You can find the exact planting locations on our partner site : 

About Planet Tree 

The Planet Tree organization has been supporting since its launch in October 2020 the reforestation of our local forests in official partnership with the state forests of Hesse and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Since then, several thousand trees have been planted with the support of private individuals and companies. 

In order to give the forest enough strength and resistance against the dangers of coming climate changes , mixed forests are being promoted instead of monocultures . To this end , English oaks, maple trees and silver firs are planted in the designated areas and carefully raised by the responsible districts.