Warm it!, 15 ml

Item num.: ME006

by LI pigments

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Content: 15 ml

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    Color specially designed for microblading. But the other eyebrow colors of LI Pigments are also suitable for microblading.

    A warm orange color with yellow undertones

    TIP: A warm color formulated specifically for the correction of light-to-medium gray and blue eyebrows on Fitzpatrick I-III skin types. Use Warm It! on light-to- medium gray or blue eyebrows to achieve a soft brown. 

    May be used to add warmth to an eyebrow color. 

    CAUTION: The more Warm It! added will lighten target color. The Micro-Edge series are pre-neutralized with added warmth; therefore, if too much of Warm It! is added to target color, results could produce undesirable added warmth. 

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