Taupe "must have"

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    Taupe with brown undertone. Well suited for moderately cool skin types. Nice for customers who have white, grey or "salt & pepper" hair or even eyebrows in color. Taupe, however, can be too dark for customers who have white (bushy) eyebrows. Taupe also works for blondes who want to have a medium taupe eyebrow. Take longer breaks between touch ups!

    For skin types that look reddish or pink, add Grey-Vanish or 24 Carat Mod to prevent the color from healing too cool. Beautiful combination are - mixed with Hazelnut, Cappuchino, Bréve and Créme Latte. An infinite variety of blond variations are possible with the blend of Sahara.

    darker and colder than Pecan

    cold -3

    H-D 3+

    green & cold yellow - inorganic

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