TattooMed® sun protection stick LSF 30+, 4,8 g

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    Highly effective UVA / UVB protection for instant tattooed / pigmented skin with instant color protection

    TattooMed® sun protection stick SPF30 is specially developed for sun protection tattooed / pigmented skin in strong sun. it is ideal for traveling through the practical "easy2use" application.

    High-quality ingredients and the highly effective UVA / UVB broadband filter system provide optimal protection of the Instant Tattoos / pigmentation.

    It protects the tattoo / pigmentation before irreparable damage, such as fading and premature aging.

    TattooMed® sun protection stick SPF30 should be before each sunbath applied to the skin and nachgecremt prolonged sun several times. Besides TattooMed color protection technology, the product also has a sun protection factor 30, which protects the skin with or without tattoo / Piigmentierung from harmful sunlight.



    • Tattoo color protection technology
    • UVA / UVB broad band filter
    • protects against environmental influences
    • easy2use
    • sticky and non-greasy
    • protects against environmental influences
    • Instant color protection
    • provitamin B5
    • Moisturizing
    • Dermatologically approved
    • without parabens
    • Vegan 100% free of animal ingredients
    • without animal testing
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