Roll-ups, 200cm high, different widths

    The magnetic roll-up impresses with its noble design with a slender stand. It can be assembled quickly and therefore, like the well-known roll-ups, can be easily built up at trade fairs or sales stands. It is always fixed and straight, can be printed on two sides (opaque). Especially for cosmetic studios and sales stores, the two-sided motif makes sense. It's space-saving and simple. That's why it fits into every room.

    The stand display is available with a black, silver or white frame. The wafer-thin metal strips of the printed fabrics can be quickly and easily hung into these. The magnetic technology makes it possible.

    Individual customization / layout
    - a primary color (instead of the green)
    - Your house script
    - Your logo
    - Your contact details
    - Language general.

    Delivery: Aluminum frame, banner with your motif and with magnetic strip, bag for transport.
    Print one-sided: digital printing fabric 205g (brilliant print)
    Two-sided print: digital printing fabric 400g (brilliant print)

    After ordering the item, we will contact you immediately for further details.

    If you have any questions or special requests, please contact our graphics department. All advertising materials can be customized via our graphics department. Please send enquiries to