PlasM+ (demonstration model)

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    PlasM of Plasmapen - Made in Germany. The device has a higher output power than the standard PlasM.

    We offer a blue PlasM+, a demonstration model, which was used a few times at a trade fair. It's like new.

    Included in the purchase:
    The device comes with a power supply, an extension cable, the tray (as in the photo), a set of 10 PlasM needles and a hydrogel for use.

    We recommend purchasing the device only with PlasM training in advance! 
    For training details, see:
    The revolution in plasma treatment
    The PlasM works non-invasively. An undesirable excess of skin is evaporated by a so-called arc. In our training you will acquire the technology to model an even, beautiful result. The optimization of the skin is immediately visible and the tightening effect is effective even after the treatment. Through the exchange of experience in advance and even after the training, you are always on the safe side.

    • Upper and lower lid tightening
    • Removal of benign skin paints
    • Wrinkle treatments
    • Correction of smaller permanent make-up distortions
    • Treatment of (acne) scars

    ... fast, safe application
    ... pain-free
    ... Immediate effect
    ... natural result

    Who can use PlasM?
    Doctors, naturopaths and beauticians with aesthetic orientation as well as permanent make-up artists and microbladers who have professional experience of about one year. It is important to us that you can work responsibly with the pen. Therefore, if you do not belong to the above-mentioned group of people, we offer a short-term intensive training as a beautician.

    After-sales service
    We offer you an excellent after-sales service that promises a high quality of your work.

    We are happy to engrave your own logo on the pen for an extra charge of 50 Euros.

    The PlasM+ is also possible in large quantities under a private labeling. Please contact us: