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Microblading Starter Set "Perfect Eyebrows"

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    We have put together this extensive set at a reasonable total price for your perfect start as a microblader. In the suitcase, selected utensils are combined in order to be able to work professionally. The set offers you everything you need for the application. There is also a practice matrices and a colour chart.

    Contents of the Starter Set
    4 colours of 7 ml
    3 Eyebrow Colors: Mochaccino, Navajo Brown, Milk Chocolate
    Modifier Un-Gray (against grisly healing)
    1 Microblading Pen (colour subject to availability)
    15 different blades ( 5x 7series, 5 x U-Shape 21pin, 5 x 12er Power Blades )
    10 white finger rings
    1 practice color
    1 Exercise matrices
    1 sign pen
    1 Circle

    Compared to the individual purchase, you save 38 euros.

    What is Microblading?
    Microblading is a manual and filigree technique of permanent make-up. With this Japanese hand method, the finest hairs are created with so-called blades. The blades look like a scalpel, but consist of the finest needles that bring delicate lines into the skin. After that, the paint is applied and the new, fine hairs become visible. The method is less painful and convinces with more realistic results. Microblading has been known in Asia for a long time, and in Germany only a few years ago.

    You have no experience as a microblader? We also offer microblading training to learn Japanese craftsmanship. For more details, please visit the training section of this website or email us at
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