Bild 1 von Skin disinfection Descoderm 250 ml, Spray bottle

Skin disinfection Descoderm 250 ml, Spray bottle

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Content: 250 ml

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    - ready for use
    - for hygienic, surgical hand disinfection
    - for external use
    - not suitable for disinfection of open wounds
    - Spray button for precise and economical dosing
    - 1 bottle of 250 ml

    Descoderm Composition:
    2-Propanol 70% (V/V), Bactericide (incl. TbB)
    Fungicide spore-free filtered, perfume-free
    Warnings: Apply only externally. medicines inaccessible to children. Slightly flammable. Keep the container tightly closed. Don't look it in the eye. Do not bring in contact with open flames. After spilling the disinfectant, immediate action must be taken against fire and explosion. Appropriate measures include picking up the spilled liquid and diluting it with water, airing the room and eliminating ignition sources. Do not use after expiry date! Store in a cool place.

    Dosage: Rub 3-5ml into your hands for hygienic hand disinfection. Pay attention to complete wetting. Skin antiseptics: skin with low sebaceous gland before injections and punctures 15 sec. Before punctures of joints, body woods and hollow organs, as well as surgical interventions 1 minute. Sebaceous gland-rich skin for 10 minutes.

    Application: Disinfection of the skin before injections, hygienic hand disinfection, cooling envelopes. Contraindications: do not use for disinfection of open wounds. Side effects: When using Decoderm, redness of the skin and light burning may occur. Note: Decoderm colourless does not have a spore-killing effect and is therefore not suitable for storing sterile instruments and syringes.

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