Surface desinfection 250 ml - Spray bottle

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Content: 250 ml

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    Fast-acting spray disinfection, surface disinfection of brown

    ready-to-use alcoholic disinfectant for spraying or wiping

    -Meliseptol rapid is completely aldehyde-free, free of alkylamines and has a fresh smell
    -Meliseptol rapid with a comprehensive spectrum of action: bactericidal (incl. MRSA), tuberculocide and fungicide (incl. moulds); virzucide (HBV, HIV, HCV) and virucidal (adeno,, vaccinia and rotaviruses, incl. noro-viruses); Protection from the EHEC pathogen
    -DGHM/VAH-listed, IHO Virucidal List
    -Action time according to DGHM criteria only 1 minute
    -alcohol-sensitive materials (e.g. acrylic glass) rapidly check for resistance to meliseptol before use
    -250 ml, spray bottle with spray head

    Meliseptol rapid in practical application does not cause unavoidable skin reactions due to skin irritant or sensibly irritating effect (Dermatological expert report, Dermatest Münster,07/2002)