Surface disinfection 1,000 ml - spray bottle

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Content: 1 l

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    Fast-acting spray disinfection, surface disinfection with spray head, 1,000 ml

     Aldehy- and phenol-free, hepatitis B- and HIV virus effective

    - effective surface disinfection
    - short immersion time
    - Cleaning, care and disinfection
    - Disinfection, cleaning and care in one preparation
    - Intensive cleaning in the horizontal, vertical and wet cell range
    - High dirt carrying capacity
    - Optimal cost-effectiveness

    Bacteriological properties
    - Spontaneously effective due to short exposure time
    - High serum load capacity
    - Effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi, spore-forming

    Chemical structure:
    Group of active ingredients: cationic surfactants and special WAS