Surface desinfection 150 ml spray bottle

Surface desinfection 150 ml spray bottle

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100 ml = 3.60 €

100 ml = 3.60 €

Fast-acting spray, surface disinfection of Brown


ready to use alcoholic disinfectant for spraying or wiping
Meliseptol rapid is completely aldehyde, free of alkyl amines and has a fresh smell
(Incl. MRSA): Meliseptol rapid full-spectrum bactericidal, tuberculocidal and fungicidal (incl. Molds); limited virzuzid (HBV, HIV, HCV) and virucidal (adeno, vaccinia and rotavirus, including norovirus.); Protection against the EHEC pathogen
DGHM / VAH listed, IHO virucidal list
Exposure to DGHM criteria 1 minute
Check alcohol-sensitive materials (eg., acrylic glass) prior to use for resistance to rapid Meliseptol
250 ml spray bottle with spray head

Meliseptol rapid fürht in practice not to unerwnschten skin reactions by skin-irritating or sensiblisiertende effect (Dermatological expert opinion, Dermatest Münster, 07/2002)

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