Skin disinfection 250 ml Spray bottle

Skin disinfection 250 ml Spray bottle

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100 ml = 3.20 €

100 ml = 3.20 €

250 ml Skin disinfection in a spray bottle 

Product features:
- Ready to use
- For hygienic hand disinfection
- For skin disinfection before injection and puncture
- Aldehyde and phenol, colorless
- Spray button for precise and economical dosing
- Effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi
- 1 bottle of 250 ml

Alcoderm colorless Composition: 100g solution contains: 2-propanol 63,1g; Purified Water 36,9g. Vosichtsmaßmahmen / Warnings: only externally apply. Store drug out of reach of children. Flammable. Keep container tightly closed. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid contact with open flames. After spillage of the disinfectant measures against fire and explosion must be taken immediately. Suitable measures are, for example, picking up the spilled liquid and dilution with water, the aeration of the room and eliminating sources of ignition. After the expiration date no longer apply! Dosage: colorless rub For hygienic hand disinfection 3-5ml Alcoderm hands. Pay attention to complete wetting. Skin antisepsis. Sebaceous arms skin before injections and punctures 15 sec ago punctures of joints, Körperhölen and hollow organs, and surgical interventions 1 minute. Sebaceous glands rich skin 10 minutes. Application: disinfection of skin before injections, hygienic hand disinfection, cooling envelopes. Contraindications: Alcoderm is colorless not to apply for the disinfection of open wounds. Side effects: colorless When using Alcoderm can skin redness and slight burning occur. Note: Alcoderm colorless not affect sporicidal and is therefore not suitable for the storage of sterile instruments and syringes suitable.

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