Teddy Bear Brown 15 ml

Teddy Bear Brown 15 ml

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A rich dark brown with warmth added.

Use alone on Fitzpatrick III-VI skin types (may need to add Warm It! depending on the coolness of the skin). Only a small amount is needed as too much Warm It! can produce a different shade and/or too much warmth.

TIP: When blended with a substantial amount of a warmer or more neutral color, Teddy Bear Brown may be used on lighter Fitzpatrick skin types. This is dependent on how much warmer or more neutral the added color is and how much is added. Lighten with Butter Scotch, Milk N’ Honey or Golden Blonde. Darken with Chocolate Cognac, Brown Café, Tamarind or Rum Raisin only when appropriate and in small amounts due to the darkness of the canvas. For additional warmth, add Warm It! For a cooler, darker brown, add Eclipse. 

NOTE: Dependent on Micro-stroking application technique and needle depth could cause a cooled, healed result.

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