Eclipse, 15 ml

Item num.: ME003

by LI pigments

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Content: 15 ml

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    Color specially designed for microblading. But the other eyebrow colors of LI Pigments are also suitable for microblading.

    This is a very dark brown-black color.

    On Fitzpatrick V-VI skin types this color may heal to the appearance of a rich black.

    TIP: The darker the eyebrow canvas, the cooler the canvas and appropriate amounts of Warm It! should be considered as an additive to avoid a “too cool” healed eyebrow. For additional warmth add Warm It! or Rum Raisin.

    Ellipse may be used to darken the mid-range brown eyebrow colors. Eclipse as an additive to darken is advised to be used in very small quantities. This is a strong pigment and a small amount goes a long way. 

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