Ebony Brown "must have"

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    Contains a small amount of red, which makes the color slightly less cold than Black Magic, but still it is a cold dark color.

    Very dark, brown, chocolatey eyeliner and eyebrow color. Fits Fitzpatrick skin types I-V and all eye colors in eyeliner. For the eyebrows for Fitzpatrick IV-V. Can look like a strong black after healing.

    If your own eyebrow undertone (skin tone) is very dark, Un-Grey should be added so that the eyebrows do not heal too coolly. To get a warmer tone, add Un-Grey or Autumn Gold. Ebony Brown is a very popular color - there are many ways to use it. When mixing take very little, as it is a strong color. Popular for eyebrows with Hazelnut or Sandalwood.

    very dark brown
    Cold -6

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