BM colours PMU Liner

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    BM colours PMU Liner with one handpiece

    The BM colours PMU Liner offers micropigmentation of the highest quality, through the perfect implementation of technical experience and user-friendly design, the pigmentation is carried out more efficiently and effectively.
    The high-quality aluminium housing with a built-in acrylic front leaves nothing to be desired. On the clearly designed acrylic front with touch function, you can select 2 handpieces and allow you to adjust and save the speed of both handpieces separately. With the integrated LCD display, you always have an eye on the digitally displayed speed, as well as the selected handpiece.

    The handy, extremely quiet and precise handpiece, made of high-quality stainless steel, is a real powerhouse with extreme pulling force, which transports the color pigments into the skin from the very first operation. In order to enable uncompromising work, needle modules of different sizes and different manufacturers can be used.
    The BM colours PMU Liner has 2 connection options for 2 PMU handpieces. Included in the scope of delivery is 1 handpiece. You can operate a wide variety of 12V motorized handpieces from other manufacturers on this all-round device and are therefore completely flexible in your work and your suppliers.

    We offer you three handpieces to choose from:
    T-needle or
    Acupuncture Handpiece

    Of course, you can also purchase other handpieces at an additional cost.
    The technical data. 
    Safety class: 2
    Operating voltage: 0-12VDC 
    Power: 18VA
    Input: 90 - 230V
    Output: 12VDC, 1.5A

    The device weighs 1.4 kg.
    Dimensions: height 18 cm, width 12 cm
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